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Foreign Affairs

Iran: When Opportunities Arise

International media reported on an “incident” at the Natanz underground nuclear facility in Iran on 11 April 2021. The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) itself confirmed some type of incident, referring to it as a “terrorist attack.”  No Coincidences The timing of this incident is no coincidence. On 10 April 2021, Iranian President Hassan […]

Human Rights

Separating The Two: Foreign Adversaries And The Victims They Rule Over

“In all dictatorships, there are always good people who want to fight back against vicious tyrants.”

Human Rights

Pitch Black-the Story Of A North Korean Army Defector

Q: Can you tell me your name? Tell me about where you are from? A: My name is Hyun Seung Lee. I was born and raised in North Korea, where I spent the first 30 years of my life. While living in North Korea, I graduated from a high school that specialized in teaching foreign […]

Human Rights

The Curious Case Of The Faux U.n. Human Rights Group: Cipdh/ihrdc

“An even darker undercurrent of behavior emerged relative to CIPDH involving components often correlated with transnational crime.”

National Security

Rules Of Offensive Influence

“No action is taken for the sake of it. Every event, rumor, news placement, social media engagement, and community group creation supports the strategy.”

National Security

China Targets India’s Energy Sector – Fall In Line Or ‘lights Out’

“Like Chinese targeting of other countries, the main goal of these activities was to gain access to sensitive government and private sector information.”